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Our running evaluation is focused on the key variables that prevent you from performing at your best and / or are contributing to musculoskeletal injuries. The evaluation consists of a biomechanics assessment of your running form plus a screen of your body’s movement capacity to find the “leaks” in your performance.

During our running assessment you will receive:

  •  Review of your training history and goals
  •  A thorough orthopedic examination
  •  Video analysis of your running mechanics

the onward difference

your running evaluation plan

Following the above process, Dr. Lauren Raphael will make individualized recommendations to maximize your running performance and decrease injury risk. We will summarize your findings and provide exercise and/or training recommendations for improved performance. For an example running evaluation report, click the below image.

run form evaluation report

Your History and Goals

Understanding where your training has been and where you want to go sets us up for maximizing your evaluation. 

Orthopedic Exam

A full body assessment of your joint integrity, flexibility, strength, balance, and motor control.

Video Analysis of Your Running Mechanics

Taking videos from multiple angles and evaluation with specialized software at slow motion will give us deeper insights into your mechanics and how we can skyrocket your performance. 

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